10 Slot Aluminium watch display box

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These storage cases / display boxes are specially designed to store ladies and gentlemen’s watches. Ideal way to keep watches organised, protected and dusts free. The outer cases are lined with artificial aluminium and the interior with soft fabric. The case has a durable scratch resistance glass viewing panel and a metal clasp providing secure closure.


  • Brand new and high quality;
  • Please note watches in the pictures are not included;
  • Finished with smooth lines and beautiful craft;
  • Silvery metal closure;
  • Smooth opening hinged lid;
  • Transparent glass viewing window;
  • Ideal for displaying your watches and home jewelry decoration.
  • This watch case/box measures 260 x 210 x 65mm and has 10 compartments. There are 10 removable 30mm wide watch holders included for each compartment. 
  • Material outer case: Aluminium
  • Material interior: Soft fabric
  • Clear viewing panel
  • Metal Clasp

Package Included:

  • 1 x Watch Display Box 10 Slots (watch is applied for illustration