2.5 inch Bi Xenon Honey combe projector

2.5 inch Bi Xenon Honey combe projector

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Bi-xenon honey comb projectors lens , offer both high beam and low beam function.

Clear Cut-Off Line, won't blind the drivers coming from the opposite direction.

Easy to install, fits for most cars perfectly.


Product Name: HID headlights projector lens

Type: Lens

Xenon Light Type: H1 Bi-Xenon Light

Light Color: White

>Lens Materials: Glass

Projector material: Metal

Cover material: Plastic

Projection type: Bi-xenon

Beam strengths: High and low

Projector lens: 2.5 inches

Watt: 35W

Position of Driving rudder: LHD/RHD

Speareparts: H4/H7 rubber pad, rocking ring, screw

Cut-off beam options: LHD/RHD

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