Stylish Micro Butane torch

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The new mini-torch butane soldering welder big straight, zinc alloy shell, black nickel color 
Product Features: 
Lightweight design 
Easy Operation 
adjustable flame 
Fill butane gas 
welding torch tool 
lock switch 
widely used in dentistry, glasses, jewelry, electronics and metal welding 
high-pressure injection technology 
flame adjustable, self-locking switch 
Burr received plexiglass light 
outdoor camping grill
Quality flamethrower structure: 
Outlet valves and precision manufacturing pagoda structure, can produce high-temperature flame; 
Large gas tank capacity, reusable inflatable, work long hours to meet the needs; 
Parts of the crater durable, high temperature 
Modern design and ignition switch.
Easy flame adjustment operation, flexible, flame size is relatively stable.